Parker Schnabel looking down.


Parker Schnabel looking down.

A Shocking Change is Coming to Gold Rush

By: Discovery

You won't believe what's coming. Discovery’s GOLD RUSH premieres Friday, Sept 30 at 8p ET/PT and streaming on discovery+.

September 07, 2022

Mining operations are plagued by the hard realities of skyrocketing fuel expenses, supply chain problems, and a downturn in the price of gold. But a new challenge awaits the Gold Rush mine bosses as a new generation of miners pour into the gold fields, creating a competition like never before.

GOLD RUSH returns for its 13th season on Friday, September 30th at 8 PM ET/PT on Discovery and streaming on discovery+.

In his ninth season in the Klondike, 27-year-old Parker Schnabel is out to continue his rise to the top. Trying to mine more ground in the Yukon than ever before, and racing the clock before his water license runs out, he faces challenges head-on and chases his dream of expanding his operation to a second claim in Alaska.

Gold Rush Season 13 Trailer

In a race between greenhorn miners and the old guard, who will come out on top?

Caught up in red tape, Klondike Kingpin Tony Beets digs out two of the deepest cuts in his career, risking his children’s inheritance on the storied White Channel paystreak. Will this elusive pay deliver enough gold to justify the costs?

Former Green Beret Fred Lewis, now in his third year and determined to show that he can strike it rich, puts his house on the line and heads north to his isolated claim on California Creek. But all of his plans are jeopardized when he discovers it covered in 30 feet of ice and snow.

Clayton brothers Brandon and Brady also enter the competition for gold. With their family in debt, their modest operation needs every grain of gold they can find. Luckily, they’ve discovered the Golden Acres where the gold is twice as rich as the rest of the Klondike.

The Old Guard of gold miners are under pressure to adapt and prove they have what it takes as competition for the best land with the greatest gold intensifies. But can they? In a race between the Greenhorns and the Old Guard, who will come out on top? Pushed to their limits, only the smartest miners will survive these troubling times and reap their rewards, while others fold and are sent packing.

Gold Rush after show, THE DIRT, is also returning this year. Christo Doyle will delve into the best Gold Rush behind-the-scenes moments and visit the claims to get the inside scoop from the gold miners themselves. The gloves come off and nothing is left on the table as the miners tell all and reveal new insight and unexpected moments when the cameras weren’t rolling.

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