Gold Rush: Mine Rescue with Freddy & Juan Episodes

S2 E1 1/1/22

A Golden Promise

The guys help an Alaskan miner turn his hobby into a profitable business.
S2 E2 1/1/22

The Trommageddon

Freddy and Juan head to the Klondike to save an operation from bankruptcy.
S2 E3 1/1/22

Dial F for Freddy

Freddy and Juan help a Gold Rush veteran turn his Oregon mine site around.
S2 E4 1/1/22

Family Fortune

Freddy and Juan help a Colorado father-son team transform their operation.
S2 E5 1/1/22

Busch Creek or Bust

The guys help three struggling Alaskan miners turn a profit.
S2 E6 1/1/22

The Gold Thief

Freddy and Juan rescue a Montana family from a horrific clay problem.

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